Elegant, creative, sophisticated


Welcome to Brooke Hyman Fine Jewelry, where art and craftsmanship meld into bespoke fine jewelry.


When Brooke entered the industry, she brought with her a sense of innate design, quality, and service. After years of experience with retailers, clients, and wholesalers, Brooke has become the go-to designer - known for her exquisite, custom pieces.

Fine jewelry is defined by the quality of the material. Brooke spent years cultivating relationships with the finest diamond and gemstone sources. She personally selects each stone. From engagement rings, to wedding bands, or special occasion gifts, every piece is hand-crafted, certifying the highest level of craftsmanship.

Designing a bespoke piece should be exciting. Brooke makes the process fun, while treating every client to a personalized experience. She works closely with each individual, coming together to create a design that perfectly captures their vision and style.

Brooke's flexibility and attention to detail make her the go-to private jeweler for international clients. Communicating remotely throughout the entire design process, Brooke ensures that each piece is tailored to the client - no matter where they are in the world.