Hottest Engagement Ring Styles

Hottest Engagement Ring Styles

When choosing the perfect engagement ring, many factors go into the process. From style to cut, the options are endless. We want to highlight some of the hottest engagement ring styles to help you choose your dream ring! Or to help your significant other choose the right ring for your style.


Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Style

Emerald Diamond Ring

The emerald-cut diamond is timeless and works with most settings, so you can customize it however you want. Although an emerald cut engagement ring would work for anyone, this style is certainly for the more boujee women! Beyonce, Mariah Carey, and Paris Hilton chose an emerald cut diamond; need we say more? The emerald shape diamond has a "step cut," meaning your diamond will catch light easily and be extremely shiny. 


Solitaire Engagement Ring

Solitaire Diamond ring

The word solitaire refers to any piece of jewelry with one center stone, so the solitaire engagement ring calls all attention to the diamond. Anyone can rock a solitaire engagement ring, but it's a timeless classic engagement ring. We like this ring for anyone because the diamond gets all the attention. Get it for your classy bride-to-be.


Round Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

center cut diamond engagement ring

The round-cut diamond engagement ring is one of the most sought-after engagement rings because they sparkle the most. A round diamond has 58 facets, flat surfaces on the diamond that reflect light and truly shine so bright. Considering over 70% of diamonds sold are round-cut diamonds, you cannot go wrong with buying this engagement ring for your loved one. We love this cut's versatility since it can be custom-made to match any style!


Cushion Cut Engagement Ring

cushion cut diamond

Combining old mine faceted diamond patterns and the modern round cut style, the cushion cut engagement ring is stunning. The cushion-cut diamond is usually square or rectangular, with soft edges adding dimension to the ring. Cushion diamonds have more fire than other cuts, giving off a rainbow-type shine when light hits them. This engagement ring shows ultimate class; it would be great for the girl boss in your life. 


Halo Engagement Ring

Halo Cut Engagement ring

Another gorgeous engagement ring style is the halo ring. This ring is stunning because smaller pavé-set diamonds surround the center stone. The halo engagement ring will make a smaller center stone pop and look more prominent because small stones surround it. So, if you want a smaller stone, this ring style is your answer. 


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